Casino jack and the united states of money trailer

Edit Storyline A probing investigation into the lies, greed and corruption surrounding D. For example, many scenes that could be nothing more than dry transcript reading are in fact voiced by an actor over an image of a moving reel tape player as well as the printed materials. Himself - Former Chief of Staff to Rep.

Documentary Biography Music.

And the film suggests what that might be. Himself - Lobbyist archive footage. It's very entertaining as well as appalling. It quickly moves on after convincing the viewer that lobbyists couldn't bend our government into doing something it didn't already sort of want to do anyway. No one's rated or reviewed this product yet.

Additional terms Terms of transaction. Trivia Who was part of the filming crew who is related to Nicky Scarfo Jr, but goes by a different name? Can't play on this device.

Alex Gibney s Casino Jack & the United States of Money Trailer

The film's main challenge is to circumscribe the large and somewhat ill-defined subject of money's influence on U. No one watches documentaries.

Casino Jack is audience-friendly without turning into a Michael Moore-ish clown show. Casino Jack and the United States of Money. While the film mostly focuses on the Jack Abramoff scandal, it does mention the more recent financial crisis, and how campaign contributions and influence peddling may have contributed it. Using the Jack Abramoff scandal as the framework to do that is inspired, but still barely enough. You wonder what this sweet-talker might say for himself, looking back over that long, caesars casino slots ugly money trail.

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Casino Jack and the United States of Money

Documentary Biography Sport. Lots of psychological background information about what may have made various people tick is presented. The snarky tone, use of musical puns and jokey graphics was Keith Olbermann an executive producer? The film lays out pretty clearly the tight connections between lobbyists and the administration in power at that time.

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Documentary Biography History. The picture is briskly edited, and the energy never lags.

Congratulations, and now wise up. You have to seek it out - it won't find you.

Learn more More Like This. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Himself - Republican Activist archive footage. Except, of course, that it's all true.

Abramoff documentary is appalling, entertaining. In the end, the film tries to make the case that we're not talking about one bad apple, nor even about lots of bad apples, but about something about the barrel that causes apples to go bad. Himself - Representative, Ohio.

Alex Gibney s Casino Jack & the United States of Money Trailer

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Alex Gibney s Casino Jack & the United States of Money Trailer

Audible Download Audio Books. Biographical Documentaries. That the film is overlong ultimately testifies to its importance, though after a while, the outrageous details start to run together like surreal satire.

Alex Gibney s Casino Jack & the United States of Money Trailer

Check system requirements. Himself - Author, The Wrecking Crew.

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You should make an action film! Additional information Directors Alex Gibney. Was this review helpful to you?

Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney once again wields the tools of his trade with the skill of a master. Thompson, Johnny Depp, Joe Cairo. There's at least one case of a Luddite revulsion against modern technology and modern society in general, motivated by a rosy fantasy of small village life. You must not live in Washington, read the newspaper or follow politics.