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If you want to know whether your dealer gets to keep tips, or has to pool them, just ask. We realize their wages depend on tips.

One, which you pointed out, is that many casino workers depend on tips to make a living wage. The dealer's demeanor and skill have a big effect on your experience at the table. This is why you should tip regardless of the type of drink, and tip for each one. Includes places to see and things to pack! If it makes you feel weird then you don't have to tip them.

There are usually two or three people in attendance during a hand pay. This can, however, create friction among the dealers. You can give one person a larger bill and tell them to split it. Most table game players will tip the dealers while they are playing by making a bet for them.

Tipping the slot attendant. If anyone deserves a tip, it would be the people that clean up around the slots while you are sitting there. My question is why would you tip the slot attendant?

To me it is like the dealer expecting a tip for you buying into the game, it is a function that is necessary and not able to be opted out of, and therefore no tip should be required or expected. Many players are not aware of this so the next time you order a free drink, please take care of the person serving you. Casino at Luxor Las Vegas.

Or for giving you the money in a timely fashion? Craps, a more complicated game than blackjack, involves a crew of dealers who can help you out in various situations. When you do receive a hand paid jackpot, they never bring you bills smaller than a twenty.

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Simply because he gave you your winnings? Besides, it's just the Vegas way. Just slide the chip or chips towards them. If I am doing well, why not put a bright spot in the day of the people that are least expecting it?

There are hundreds of jurisdictions in the world with Internet access and hundreds of different games and gambling opportunities available on the Internet. In most casinos, dealers pool their tips and split them. Shot, this tipping nonsense gets out of hand. Are they going to be standing by my bedside when I croak from some miserable, horrible disease?

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Top questions about Las Vegas. There are several ways to do this. If you don't then expect the wait to be longer. The other method, which dealers prefer, is to place a bet for them. If you want to spread the wealth, go right ahead.

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John Robison is an expert on slot machines and how to play them. So some tip and some don't.

Jackpots for all, John My wife and I consider ourselves very generous people when it comes to tipping servants waitresses, bellhops, chefs, doormen, etc. They've always been very appreciative. Many players will tip somewhere between a half to one percent of the jackpot. This is where it can start to feel personal. Make sure to carry a couple five and ten dollar bills to handle this situation.

When I win a large hand pay on a slot I usually tip the attendant something, but not necessarily in the hundreds of dollars. Jackpots are so few and far between now, the person bringing the money to you would starve if they depended on tips. Some will just tip their dealer when they leave the game.

You don't have to tip the slot attendant, it's a personal choice. Slot players usually tip when they receive a hand pay jackpot when the attendant must come and verify the jackpot and then come back and count out your money. Guess which one gets a tip from me? See All Las Vegas Conversations. To do this at a blackjack table, place a chip on the layout next to your bet.

You spent your own money and gambled you would win something back. You can listen to archives of the show on the web anytime. It's always been customary and usual to tip the slot attendant for hand pays. You can give it to the dealer directly, usually before you get up to leave the table. Are they just hoping that in the excitement of the moment you will hand them back a twenty dollar bill regardless of the size of the jackpot?

Many casino workers get the majority of their salary from tips. Take into consideration how busy the casino is at the time of the jackpot. Many casinos offer free drinks to the players. My wife and I consider ourselves very generous people when it comes to tipping servants waitresses, bellhops, chefs, doormen, etc. Tipping the slot attendant is like tipping the cashier, internet gambling enforcement I know some people do it but I don't understand why.

Because of the volume of mail I receive, I regret that I can't reply to every question. Generally, give the tip to the person who actually paid me the money. They don't mean a dam thing to me.

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Depending on the amount of the jackpot and how well my gambling is going determines the amount. He holds a master's degree in computer science from the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology. The base salary for dealers is usually minimum wage, or close to it.