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10 Ways To Know If An Idol Is In A Secret Relationship

1. They are spotted in basement parking lots

Older idols who have gone through the same thing have tried to protect her using their seniority, but now these guys just wait until their seniors are away. The idols only being treated as star by the fans, for their agency or inside crew, they are no one. Yong Hwa is actually trying to keep their relationship, but Seohyun just being cold No, she said Seohyun is apparently not interested in dating right now. But one thing is real right now that tiffany dating nickhun. Idols do dating each other.

And yes, I do have some names, despite them being closely guarded secrets. Most of the stories are old stories that already here mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread. Celebrities are no different from any other human beings. No, free dating websites denmark I won't be giving receipts. He barely smile in the backstage.

Not in a term of a stable relationship but like going out together. Minho really tries his best to be such a perfection. Korea has a lot of funny men and women! But Yoona is actually a very picky person after she got famous well. This is definitely more reliable than stans would say.

10 Ways To Know If An Idol Is In A Secret Relationship

If u read carefully, u will realise that points are always repeated. Some might be off the mark but most of it actually make a lot of sense so, casual hookup site reviews might as well face it. Let me just answer it here so no one will ask it again.

Owh my friend told me once about Yuri could be in a relationship with an actress Son Ye Jin? Have you not heard that everything on the internet is not always true? She Min receives a very lacking of spotlight despite she is the almost like the main vocal and the main dancer in the group.

Stay Connected with SBS PopAsia

In most cases, the number one goal for celebrities is to avoid being caught. This stopped the harassing texts but some male idols now actively bully her when there are no cameras. About plastic surgery, yes, almost all of them have it. The fact that she's long been a fan of Junsu made the story even sweeter. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

1. They are spotted in basement parking lots

What was more shocking though was the year age gap. Yoochun is a simple guy and quite romantic. When L found out that a fellow group member N had a crush on her male friend she blew the whole thing out of proportion and causing K to get involved and make peace between the two. More recently, actor Lee Jung Jae and entrepreneur Lim Se Ryung were pictured on a brunch date at an upscale restaurant. They met in for an ad, and after pictures were leaked for Kim visiting the military base to deliver snacks for her lover, the two confirmed their relationship.

There has been rumours that tzuyu and nayeon are not close eiether, and I think the girl nayeon only speaks to us jeongyeon. Victoria is also nice off the camera and Amber is a fun person. Their secret rendezvous stirred up the imaginations, but their hectic schedule ended up getting in the way and the pair called it quits last year after a year together. Names have been erased or changed to protect the innocent, unless said event has already come to light. On one of the year end shows, the rivalry became so intense that two girls ended up fighting backstage during rehearsals.

Oh, about the drugs used in Kpop, it is also interesting. Are you guy's ready for this that the dark side of kpop has from all companies industry entertainment. She said she believes the using of drugs in Kpop is increased following the incresing popularity of Kpop world wide. The other interesting thing is she said mostly idols are not good friends hating is a strong word with other, specially between big idol groups.

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2. They talk specifically about their ideal type on camera

The two were snapped enjoying an intimate midnight drive. The whole spotlight is Suzy is pretty bad, actually. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Also Solar is kind of an idiot. He used to call his girls while waiting in dressing room. But the bond between F x member is better. Sunny is not that pleasant. Your welcome and I know is really sad to see this and I don't know why the leader doesn't featured this the front she only put the same things all over again I'm to tired to se the same things.

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You know, the handsome, smart, athletic, strong, type of guy. She believes Sunny is not dating anyone right now. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. Sohee is quiet but not shy. She dates about twice with another idol but never in a relationship, she thinks.

  • Also, I'll be combining several emails to more accurately describe situations that might develop over years.
  • Member L was told to go under the knife when she received a drama offer late last year.
  • They have even appeared in magazine photo spread together.
  • She said the work ethic in Kpop industry is no joke.
  • That illness is so so so so so contagious.

The Real Dark Side Of Kpop

SBS PopAsia

She was not keen on receiving the role and more so did not want to go through any plastic surgery procedure. Restaurant dates are possibly the most classic ones out there, issues and celebrities are certainly no exception to this rule. Or are they still secretly seeing eachothers?

Girl s Day spill on K-pop idol dating secrets

More recently, her manager took her phone from her and changed her number. This way, they could be close to each other without causing a stir. She's apparently just honestly really happy to be there. During the rehearsal one of the guys kept yelling obscenities at her, and they had to redo the filming several times because she kept breaking down in tears. They are basically just worker in the set, no special treatment and no idols dare to ask for special treatment.

The bond between the member is also nice. They eat lunch together with the crew with the same food. Around August last year, the pair uploaded cryptic clues on Instagram alluding to their singleness. Turns out that they were initially introduced to each other by their mutual stylist.

  1. The rivalry in Korea is no joke, specially among men.
  2. No, I'm not going to engage in victim-shaming and drop those names, so don't even fucking ask.
  3. Many of those who have known idol member A for a long time say that he was never difficult and ill-mannered, but changed drastically after he started working more actively abroad.
  4. According to Jisook, stars contact each other through private messages, which leave no visible traces to anyone except the two.
  5. Over the various years he's complained, talked about, praised, and bitched about various actors and idols.

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The Real Dark Side Of Kpop
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