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Rachel attempts to take over Glee Club, due to Mr. Sebastian-Blaine Relationship. Santana and Brittany walk arm-in-arm, dating yuko persona 3 through the hallway.

Brittany-Santana Relationship

Quinn-Mercedes Relationship. They dance and perform backing vocals for I Lived with the rest of the cast of the series. After a quick Glee Club meeting where Mr. Chandler-Kurt Relationship.

She wishes Santana good luck and touches her back as she goes past her. Brittany returns from Lesbos and arrives at the Bushwick Apartment, asking for Santana. Brittany and Santana both have parts in it and stand next to each other on the stage while singing. But Brittany was dating Sam and told Santana she wasn't gonna break up with him. Santana also propositions him with the idea that dating her make him more popular and using sex as a bribe.

At one point Santana has a shocked look on her face and Brittany glances over at her and smiles. Mercedes told Santana that she's knocking off that piece who thinks she's better than everybody running for president and that she ain't nothing but common. Brittany says she also has something to say, to which her parents look worried.

Finn-Santana Relationship

Santana does not appear in this episode, because she is away at college. They are together in the choir room with the others when Mr. They choose the Cheerios and go together to give Mr. She then performs Songbird. They are also looking at each other lovingly throughout the song.

Artie believes thats perfect for the wedding. In the next scene Brittany visit Abuela, dressed in nurse uniform. Brittany-Santana-Quinn Relationship. During the meeting, rob kristen Rachel prompts the girls to get their boyfriends to confront Dave so he will stop bullying Kurt.

Finn-Santana Relationship

  • Santana and Brittany sing and dance with Ms.
  • At the Lima Bean Santana tells Dave that they play for the same team and she's not ready to eat hikima or get a flat top either, maybe in junior college.
  • You do play for another team.
  • Ballad When picking partners, Mr.

The unholy Trinity Wiki

Was santana dating finn

They are seen watching Finn and Puck fight with their arms locked together and then talking when Mr Schuester breaks them up. They dance together before Brittany and Mike do their dance routine. Millie-Marley Relationship. The next day, during graduation, they are sitting together, time when Sue announces Brittany's name. Mercedes-Rachel Relationship.

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Finn-Santana Relationship

Brittany is surrounded by a bunch of latino students, as Santana walks past. She also says that she will leave them now to have a girl talk. They gather in for a group hug. They kiss for the first time on screen in Heart.

They perform Sing with the rest of the glee club. Before Sunshine begins singing Santana looks over at Brittany. Shannon-Will Relationship.

When she tells Santana that she wants her old life back, Santana tries to help her and, along with Quinn, they perform Toxic for Glee club. In the background, the song Tempted is playing, which is a song about cheating with someone you have feelings for, even though you're conflicted. Sam states that their relationship was more than that, to which Mercedes replies that she will always have a special place in her heart for him, but she's moved on and he needs to do the same.

Brittany-Santana Relationship

Mercedes-Sam Relationship
  1. They walk to auditorium, already knowing that everyone is gathered there.
  2. Schue walks in and tells them that Brittany and Mike are going to dance at Sectionals.
  3. They proceed to kiss but are cut off due to the interruption of Figgins, who calls them into his office saying that he's gotten complaints after they kissed in the halls the previous day.

Quinn-Brittany Relationship. They are standing together while Sue is talking. Also, they are often seen wearing matching bracelets and backpacks. In return, he wants both glee groups to join together for a lesson.

Brody-Rachel Relationship. Schue says New Directions style Brittany starts clapping and yelling. Mike-Mercedes Relationship. Will-Shannon Relationship. Funeral They are with the others in the choir room when Mr.

Santana-Finn Relationship

The pinkies locked thing seems to be their handshake even prior to them dating. Brittany-Finn Relationship. Santana tells Quinn that she understands that she is upset that Finn dumped her but that she needs to get over it so that they can concentrate on winning Nationals.

Brittany-Santana Relationship

After realizing that Sam was actually fantasizing about Beiste to cool down around Quinn, Quinn is embarrassed and shocked, and apologizes to him. The club tricks Dottie into thinking she has been left behind and when she comes back it looks like everyone is gone. Santana has her hand at Brittany's stomach during this scene, and as they leave the choir room they link pinkies. When Quinn starts talking to them about graduation Santana and Brittany glance at each other.

The Purple Piano Project Brittany walks up in the middle of Santana's interview with Jacob and interrupts, they walk off smiling with their arms locked. They are surprised when Spencer escorts them to their seat, both Brittany and Santana saying hi to the four other new members of the club. Why would you try to hide any of that? Santana however says that she likes being in college and she being a cheerleader, plus she likes to be closer to where Brittany lives. Mercedes-Shane Relationship.

Glee sam and santana dating

Brody-Cassandra Relationship. Brittany kisses Santana at the end of the episode and Santana states that it wasn't a good idea, because she worked so hard to get over Brittany. Schue the money is bait, and that she would kick the crap out of whoever returns that jacket.

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