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Mob Wives Renee Graziano Snapped in Bed With 24-Year-Old Rapper (PHOTO)

Some New York critics were less enthusiastic about the show. That probably changed over time when it was evident no mob secrets were being revealed. Especially since it was stuff she probably can't disclose. Please do not link his site in the future.

Who is Renee Graziano

M.O.B. Wives

Angela wants to know where things stand right now. And then Karen and Ramona, they call each other cousins because they are so close. He was just found guilty in October of killing a woman who had the same surgery that I did. My feeling is that they reconciled though Mr. He doesnt desrve her in my eyes, but its such a tough call ya know?

Renee Graziano (@reneegraziano) Instagram photos and videos

He said he wanted to reunite. He found the women's internal conflict between their mob past and their desire to break free from that lifestyle to be the underlying question of the series. Don't skip this blog, how accurate is it's powerful. Also anyone see her smirk when Ramona was mentioned? It has been a long standing tradition that there is no talking about the mob.

But Carla made it seem like she and Renee had made up. He thinks is rather unlikely that the father and daughter aren't on speaking terms. However, after trying to assist him by giving him correct information. Somaya, We are aware of the site.

  1. They get into Carla, who was there last week, and was upset about everything.
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  3. Angela says that Renee is back together with Junior, but there is no elaboration on that yet.

And Drita feels that Karen has been disrespectful to her family since she has married Lee. You can understand their father's concern for their well being? According to Graziano, most of the original cast are willing to return including her sister Renee, who also starred on all seasons of the show.

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The New York Times Company. He says he still loves Renee and realized it when he thought he was going to lose her. She said if she had it to do over again, is nichkhun and yoona she would not pick someone who was involved in that lifestyle the mob. She deserves a good man and love.

Cosa Nostra is a blog and they are free to speculate and write their opinions based on what they know, but there is a lot that none of us know. Cant wait for her interview with my girl Cherry Martinez! Graziano remains unhappy about the show.

They call Renee their home girl from Mob Wives! She wants to know what happens when a fight breaks out on the show, because this was a twenty minute fight that could not be broken up. Somaya, I went and read the blog you mentioned. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Mob Wives Renee Graziano Snapped in Bed With Year-Old Rapper (PHOTO)

Renee says she will throw another one. The show is set to be filmed on the East Coast and will likely feature both original and new cast members. Angela says the fight that happened in episode two was ridiculous, worse than any fight on any of the other reality shows.

Renee says she had a hole in her back the size of a lemon. They are surprised because she always seems so lively and happy. They mention her family member, her father.

Renee Graziano Age 49 Father & Ex-Husband Trauma Disrupted Dating Life

We don't know what's so interesting about a bunch of low-life women the one pictured is a real piece of work who think that husbands that go off to prison is like spending a year at college. They ask Renee how the show has negatively affective her and would she do it all again. Renee says they did put her father back in prison to finish serving his sentence because he was out early for good behavior. First they want to discuss the surgery that went wrong. Any glorification of a life of crime is pathetic.

Anyway, as to your question, I can say the Graziano sisters have said that their father stopped talking to them when they started the show. But this floridly funny, vicariously vicious reality series exerts a vulgar charm. The Futon Critic Press release. They have been trying to figure out the best way to get them to talk and Renee figured at her party, might be a good idea.

Renee Graziano of Mob Wives wants to do more women s outreach work

Loved how Renee tried to fight back tears, shes truly an aemotional perosn. By him being Aj's father and things, Renee's just in a tough place and iWish her the best! You can see the pain in Renee's face and he's screaming that nonsense. The first season of Mob Wives was well received by some entertainment critics. As for those other real housewives franchises, their endless squabbles and social climbing antics are rendered rather trivial after you watch the first five minutes of Mob Wives.

Boy, she just makes you feel for her about Joonya, doesn't she? They had plans to get married. Carla and Drita are best of friends.

In my opinion, when you see or know people are going through heartbreaking situations, it would be kinder to have some compassion and stick to the facts instead of rubbing salt in the wound. And thats makes me love her more! The tone of that blog strikes me as insensitive.

Renee Graziano found new beau at Big Ang s wake

So no, I do not think that was a hoax at all. It's detrimental because people will think this is what Staten Island is made of. The writer likes to speculate and I have corrected his information before, though it took some convincing. You can tell she wanted to burst out in tears whenever anything regarding the lifestyle was brought up. Drita D'Avanzo, who starred on the show during its original run, declined Graziano's invitation to return, stating that she has since moved on and wants to explore other ventures.

Renee Graziano of Mob Wives wants to do more women s outreach work
  • Damn I just love Renee and her fresh air of honesty.
  • Charlamagne asks if all the women get along or does it matter.
  • The Mafia theme of the show was a concern for some non-journalists, as well.

Hope someone with her upbringing can find some sort of peace.


For me, there's quite enough love in this heart of mine to go around. Graziano was taken back into custody due to Junior's wiretap. It seems that Drita and Karen are never going to be able to make up. He had me cracking up through the entire interview!

Charlamange is a mess, example of a great female in a good way. But my personal opinion is How can she be happy if she's still on that vicious circle. She is very open and honest! It paints Staten Island and Italian-Americans in a bad light. Angela asks about the makeup between Renee and Junior on the last episode.

Mob Wives Renee Graziano Done With Ex-Husband Junior Pagan Hollywood Life

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