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While on the subject of your Illustrious recording career. These were the peculiarities of the Northern Soul scene. Both very heartwarming memories.

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For Godin, it was merely a handy quickfit reference to help out the team at his Soul City record shop in Covent Garden. Those records were big and in context they were perfectly acceptable. Not come across this number by Sam Dees but will be picking one up soon.

The Golden Torch was the first truly great all-nighter venue of the Northern Soul era. Yep that was pretty much the norm. There seems to be more concern with the image to these people as opposed to any real love of the music.

Notify me of new posts by email. That and leather soles on the amazing floating floor on Cleggy pier. If ever a record had all the attributes to make it the ultimate Northern soul dancer, then surely this is it.

There are online juke boxes, recommended lists of records and footage of performances at Wigan Casino all over YouTube. Click to play Tap to play. From an old flame from Avery Hill days Fifi.

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The first unknown is Sam Dees - Soul Sister. Log into Soul Source Get max use of the forums Log in now! We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

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It was in this early period that he saw the true passion for dancing that the Casino inspired. One of the greatest soul singers who ever lived, Linda was tragically taken from us in just as her star was on the rise. For the record, you have put up the B side first and the A side second. Share this source music forum post soul source url.

Leave A Reply Click here to cancel reply. Over the years, it got twisted several times hence the quieter and distorted patches.

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Richard Searling, music consultant on the film Northern Soul, tells us about his favourite tracks. Don't recall it being around in but got the Butch Baker pressing on Cherub that summer.

Extending the name of the Casino into other genres, at times the club also provided a regular Thursday punk night and Saturday rock session, featuring many of the big touring bands of the day. The Casino developed in the formative years of British dance music and many of the mistakes it made have become lessons for future generations of dance entrepreneurs.

Yeah I remember the first night Terrible Tom was played there. The makers of The Secret Millionaire want to speak to you.

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Later covered, and a huge chart hit for Soft Cell. Fantasic well done Pete ktff. If anyone asked me to choose just one record to exemplify what this music is all about, this would be it. The dancing had a code of its own that was impenetrable to outsiders. Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

There were clubs for purists, for innovators, for collectors, but if what you really wanted was a club for dancers, then Wigan Casino was the place to go. Well there had been rare records there too, but when Wigan came along the people who were discovering the records were digging far deeper. Unlike the small, concrete-floored Twisted Wheel, online casino minimum deposit 5 euro the dancefloor at Wigan was ideal for the back-flipping daring of its dancers.

Its the claps that I miss. So, it appears that this tape could well be one made off my master copy although I don't really recall making one for anyone apart from myself. Although plenty have tried, it has never been owned by an elite.

She later became a successful songwriter at Motown, and then later still married Marc Bolan. The same sounds were also spun the previous Saturday on my first visit to the Casino - the occasion was so overwhelming, I must have said I'm going back next weekend with a tape recorder. The greatest aspect of Northern Soul is its resolute determination to call its own shots. The tape is up now by the way.

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